Presenting NJ Trading ACCOUNT

"Welcome to NJ Trading Account, an online account that offers you the facility to undertake transactions in mutual funds in a simple and convenient manner. With a wide choice of schemes and other flexibilities, Transactions are executed on Exchange (BSE/NSE) platform which allows you to hold your Mutual Fund units into a Dematerialized form."


The NJ Trading Account has the following features:

  • Holding of Mutual fund units in a Dematerialised format (Demat)
  • Instant SMS & email notification on your registered mobile number & email id on the confirmation of transaction
  • Existing Mutual Fund units can be converted into Demat
  • Simple & easy Trading & Demat Account opening procedure
  • Dedicated Customer care for all queries
  • Flexibility to transact online or off-line in the same folio
  • Allows to make Purchase, Redemption & NJ SIP Transactions
  • Online transaction reports along with status

KIAD (Knowledge, Information and Analysis Desk)

  • Mutual Fund Desk
  • News and views
  • Benchmark information
  • E-subscription to various publications


  • Centralised Customer Care
  • Instant SMS & email notification on your registered mobile number & email id on the confirmation of transaction

FAQ`S NJ Trading account

Can I avail a nomination facility in Mutual Fund schemes purchased through my NJ Trading Account?

No, nomination facility is not available on NJ Trading account.

Can I add joint holders to my Trading-account?

No, trading account can only be in a single name.

How can I make a transaction through my Trading Account?

Once you have successfully logged to your account, click on transaction menu (On going transactions). This will list all Mutual Funds available. Select your choice of Mutual Fund you wish to transact. This will list all Schemes available under this Mutual Fund. Select your choice of Scheme and click on Purchase. Just fill in the required details and Submit. On submitting you will be directed to your registered bank website from where you can make payment for your transaction.

Can I Modify/ Cancel my transaction?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your transaction at any time before you click on confirmation of your transaction. You will not be able to cancel or modify any transaction once it has been confirmed.

Will I be able to know status of my transaction requests?

Yes, once you confirm your transaction the status of all such transactions is shown in your Transaction Report from Reports section of your NJ Trading Account desk.

How can I make payments for my Purchase transactions?

You need to have a Net banking account in Yes Bank, HDFC or Axis Bank to be able to make payments for Purchase transactions online.

Can I transact any time during a day?

Yes, you can transact at any time of the day. However, in order to get the NAV of the current day you would have to transact before the cut-off time of the scheme as specified by NJ India Invest against each scheme. If you place any order after the said cut-off time, you would be eligible for NAV of the next business day.

Is there a minimum transaction Amount for each scheme?

Yes, different fund houses have defined different minimum investment amount for their schemes. This amount will be displayed against the scheme name while you place an order.

Can I see my valuation online?

Yes, you can view your valuation Online through your Trading Account, the transaction will be updated in your portfolio only after receiving confirmation from R&T of the respective AMC.

When will I be able to see my transaction request details?

You will be able to see your transaction request listed in the Transaction Report along with its current status as soon as you confirm it. However, the transaction will be updated in your portfolio report only after receiving the confirmation from R&T of the respective AMC.

How do I Redeem my Mutual Fund scheme units?

You may use Redemption module of Transactions section of your Trading? Account desk to redeem any particular scheme. Click on the link "REDEEM" button. This will display all the scheme units held by you, with details against each scheme. Click on the REDEEM option to place your redemption request. You can only redeem by specifying the number of units held by you.

Can I transfer my existing physical units to my DEMAT account?

Yes, for that you need to Dematerialised your existing units. You need to fill a DEMAT request form & submit to R&T along with statement of Account.

How can I change my Communication / Permanent address in my NJ Trading Account?

To change your address or any communication detail in Trading Account please submit us a written request along with the address proof.

How will I get my billing information?

You, will receive the billing information by e-mail on a monthly basis and the same shall be available on the NJ Trading Account.

Can I invest in Stocks from my Trading Account?

No, currently you cannot invest in Stocks from your Trading account.

If I have purchased a Mutual Fund from my online Trading Account, can I redeem through off-line by filling up TIS (Transaction Instruction Slip)?

Yes, there is no such concept of Online or Off-line for folio created on Exchange, hence investor has flexibility to transact either through online by logging into his/her Trading account & also through by filling in physical Transaction Instruction slip. Folio which is purchase through online can also be redeemed by filling physical TIS & visa versa.

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