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Finalyst Partners is an authorised branch of Aditya Birla Money Limited, Branch ID – I 83.
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Aditya Birla Money

Aditya Birla Money is a single brand offering the combined products and services of Aditya Birla Money Limited and Aditya Birla Money Mart Limited. Aditya Birla Money Limited is a broking and distribution player, offering Equity and Derivative trading through NSE and BSE and Currency derivative on MCX-SX. It is registered as Depository Participant with both NSDL and CDSL and also provides commodity trading on MCX and NCDEX through its subsidiary company.

Aditya Birla Money Mart Limited is a wealth management and distribution player, offering third party products .These offerings are delivered through a strong pan India distribution network of about 1000 own and franchisee branches, a robust online and offline model with a strong technology backbone to a large customer base, in excess of 4 lakhs.

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About Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (ABFSG)

The Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (ABFSG) has built a significant presence across its verticals, viz. life insurance, asset management, NBFC, private equity, broking, general insurance advisory services and wealth management & distribution. The seven companies representing Aditya Birla Financial Services Group are Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd., Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Ltd., Aditya Birla Finance Ltd., Aditya Birla Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Aditya Birla Money Ltd., Aditya Birla Money Mart Ltd, and Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Ltd.

ABFSG is committed to being a leader and role model in a broad based and integrated financial services business. Its 7 lines of businesses, with about 5.5 million customers manages assets worth USD 18 billion approximately and prides itself for having a talent pool of over 15,000 committed employees. ABFSG has its wings spread across more than 500 cities in India through over 1600 points of presence and about 200,000 channel partners. This allows ABFSG to offer its customers virtually anything other than a savings or current account. With revenue of over USD 1.25 billion (in 2009-2010) ABFSG is a significant non bank player.

ABFSG is a part of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd (ABNL), a USD 3.5 billion conglomerate having leadership position across its manufacturing as well as services sector businesses. ABNL is a part of the Aditya Birla Group, a USD 30 billion Indian business house operating in 27 countries across the globe.


Demat plus Broking Account

    Do you know why you want to save money? Why is it that you are running through life?

  • Aditya Birla Money’s Demat plus broking account comes with the benefits of a hassle free trading experience and the trust of the Aditya Birla Group.
  • Some of the benefits are:
  • Convenience of linking multiple bank accounts and instant trading limits on online funds transfer.
  • Trade however you’re most comfortable; online, or through a dealer.
  • Get lowest transaction and maintenance costs on demat accounts, along with highly competitive brokerage charges.
  • Receive research reports (covering over 200 stocks a month), money morning, intra-day calls, and much more even straight on your mobile phone!
  • Access Market Tracker, a unique, real-time market information platform with built in decision making support tools that empower you to make the most informed investment decisions.
  • Call and trade support for placing your orders 24/7 by calling the centralised trading desk.

I-decide Brokerage plan

    You can now decide the brokerage you want to pay with Aditya Birla Money’s I-decide Brokerage plans. These plans offer a choice of brokerage rates based on your trading profile and you can save brokerage by choosing a suitable plan.
    Some of the features of I-decide are:

  • The I-decide slabs start as low as Rs. 2500
  • Renewal free period so you can continue trading up to a week after validity of the plan lapses
  • Carry forward the unutilized limits when you renew a plan to a higher slab.
  • You can switch up on your plan any number of times.
Mobile Trading

Introducing you to the new age of Aditya Birla Money Mobile Trading

Smartphones and 3G have revolutionized the way you stay connected with the world. Technology has made it easier to access any information - anywhere, anytime. You can now use this same technology to stay up-to-date on your investments with Aditya Birla Money Mobile Trading. You can get financial market updates on the move. Managing your portfolio gets much easier as you are in constant touch with your investments. Now, track top stocks and tap the right opportunities at the right time from any place as per your convenience.

Why is Aditya Birla Money Mobile Trading a smart way to manage your portfolio?

Real time Quotes

Aditya Birla Money Mobile Trading displays a scrolling ticker of Stock Quotes on your mobile phone which constantly gets updated with real time quotes of Market Indices and companies of interest. You could view the Streaming Ticker in the expanded mode which presents you with detailed information including Market Best Picture for any company scrip.

Speed & Convenience of Voice & Touch

  • Search for Quotes, Charts & News (BSE, NSE)
  • Users can just speak the company name to access Quote & News
  • No need to remember or type the scrip names
  • Users can also listen to the displayed news & order confirmations

Trade & Market Data on the move

Benefit from the following features to keep in touch with the financial markets while on the move:

  • Index Charts & Quotes.
  • Market Top News.
  • Alerts
  • Top Gainers & Losers
  • Market buy price
  • Trade & order history
  • Demat holdings
  • Trading from Mobile using speech, touch & tap.

The key to higher returns

The total capital worth of any company is divided into equal units of small denominations. Each denomination is called a share, and holders of these shares have voting rights within the company. The ownership interest of these shareholders is commonly referred to as equity

Many still view equity investments as a somewhat higher risk avenue. However, if closely observed it has still been considered as one of the best sources of getting maximum returns.

The basic premise of equity investments lies in timing the market i.e. being constantly in touch with the market. Thus, if you are planning to give maximum importance to market timing and have the ability to hedge risk by making informed decisions, then equity market is the answer for you.

Why Invest in Equity?

  • Earn high returns
  • Best hedge against inflation
  • Creates wealth over long term
  • Diversifies portfolio

You can trade in equity through a broker and through several convenient options like a branch, call and trade or even an online broking account.


Enrich your portfolio with commodities

Commodities are raw products that can be bought, sold, and traded. It can be an agricultural commodity like wheat, soybeans, rapeseed, cotton, etc or precious metals like gold, silver and so on. Commodities are traded on Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity Derivative Exchange (NCDEX).

Despite the fact that the prices of commodities are unpredictable, they are much preferred by the investors who want to earn high returns from the price fluctuations. Of course there are also commodities like Gold, which is a reliable and safe investment. Hence, Commodities are increasingly becoming one of the most popular areas of investment for diversifying portfolios and improving overall rate of returns. If you are looking towards making a balanced portfolio, commodities could be your vehicle to earn desired returns.

Why Invest in Commodity?

  • Earns high returns
  • Diversifies portfolio
  • Commodities like gold is safe for long term investment
  • Improves overall investment returns

What are Derivatives?

A derivative is a financial instrument - or more simply, an agreement between two people or two parties - that has a value determined by the price of something else (called the underlying). It is a financial contract with a value linked to the expected future price movements of the asset it is linked to - such as a share or a currency. There are many kinds of derivatives, with the most notable being swaps, futures, and options.

Why invest in Derivatives:

Price Discovery

Futures market prices depend on a continuous flow of information from around the world and require a high degree of transparency. A broad range of factors impact supply and demand of assets (commodities in particular) – and thus the current and future prices of the underlying asset on which the derivative contract is based. This kind of information and the way people absorb it constantly changes the price of a commodity. This process is known as price discovery.


Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying the desired level of risk, identifying the actual level of risk and altering the latter to equal the former. This process can fall into the categories of hedging and speculation.

Hedging has traditionally been defined as a strategy for reducing the risk in holding a market position while speculation referred to taking a position in the way the markets will move. Today, hedging and speculation strategies, along with derivatives, are useful tools or techniques that enable companies to more effectively manage risk.


Price Discovery

Because derivatives are a form of insurance or risk management, the cost of trading in them has to be low or investors will not find it economically sound to purchase such "insurance" for their positions.

Forms of Derivatives:


In futures trading, you take buy/sell positions in index or stock(s) contracts having a longer contract period of up to 3 months.

Trading in FUTURES is simple! If, during the course of the contract life, the price moves in your favour (i.e. rises in case you have a buy position or falls in case you have a sell position), you make a profit.

Presently only selected stocks, which meet the criteria on liquidity and volume, have been enabled for futures trading.


An option is a contract, which gives the buyer the right to buy or sell shares at a specific price, on or before a specific date. For this, the buyer has to pay to the seller some money, which is called premium. There is no obligation on the buyer to complete the transaction if the price is not favorable to him.

To take the buy/sell position on index/stock options, you have to place certain % of order value as margin. With options trading, you can leverage on your trading limit by taking buy/sell positions much more than what you could have taken in cash segment.

Currency Futures

In simple, currency futures are

  • Standard contracts of a specified quantity
  • To exchange one currency for another
  • At a specified date in the future called settlement date
  • At a price that is fixed on the purchase date.

Trading in Currency Derivatives

The increased volatility in Foreign exchange rates had made a risk management tool in currency the need of the hour. To mitigate the currency risk and with the intention to provide a liquid and transparent market, SEBI and RBI have allowed screen based trading in currency futures for the first time in India in August 2008.

The leading domestic Currency exchanges are National Stock Exchange (NSE), MCX Stock Exchange (MCX-SX) and United Stock Exchange (USE). Volumes in Currency Exchanges have consistently increased over the past two years. The combined daily average volume has increased from Rs.16,000 crs in Aug 2008 (in NSE) to 43,000 crs (NSE, MCXSX and USE ) in October 2010, showing a 3 fold increase.

Currency trading platforms helps for

  • Hedging: Minimize the risk arising from high volatility in forex markets.
  • Daily Trading: Take advantage of daily movements in currency rates
  • Low Margin: Trade in futures with very low margins and lesser risk.
  • No Transaction cost: No Transaction charges are being levied to the clients, thereby making Currency trading feasible for even small profits.
  • Low Brokerage:A brokerage as low as Rs.15 allows client take advantage of the intraday market moves.
Contract descriptions

Trading in Currency Derivatives which was initially based on USD-INR, saw three other major pairs EUR-INR; GBP-INR AND JPY-INR join the race, since February 2010. Each currency pair has 12 contracts of one month duration

Advancing in this arena, NSE and USE has launched Currency Options on 29th October, 2010.

Major participants

As it carries the pulse of international markets, currency derivatives in Indian Exchanges provides immense opportunity for market participants viz, Hedgers, Day traders & Arbitrageurs.

  • Hedgers: Banks, importers, exporters and corporate who want to mitigate their forex risk arising due to high volatility in currency finds exchange traded Currency derivatives as a effective platform to minimize their risk exposure.
  • Traders: Traders take advantage from the range bound movements in Derivatives market to fetch profit, by parking a margin amount which is very less in comparison to other derivative product.
  • Arbitragers: Market participants often get opportunities to exploit the price differential of USD/INR between different markets. E.g. Price disparity between OTC forward markets and futures markets

To take advantage of this growing market, ABML provides Currency trading platforms through wide network of branches and also offer Internet Based Trading in Currency Futures.


An initial public offering (IPO) is the financial mechanism by which a private company offers stock to the general public for the first time and officially becomes a publicly traded company. IPOs are exciting investment opportunities, and are often exclusive events; the majority of the stock usually goes to institutions and well-connected individual investors. Historically, initial public offerings have performed extremely well in the after market (when the new stock trades freely on the stock market for the first time), and therefore are much sought-after investment opportunities.

Why invest in IPO ?

An IPO has the potential to make you a good return in a short period of time. It is standard practice for IPOs to be priced below “fair market value”, so the stock rises in value immediately upon issue, clearing a healthy profit for initial shareholders.

Depository Participant

A Depository refers to “An organization that facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables DPs to provide services to investors relating to transaction in securities”.

A Depository Participant (DP) can be a financial organization like banks, brokers, financial institutions, custodians, etc., acting as an agent of the Depository to make its services available to the investors.

There are two depositories in India, namely NSDL and CDSL

Why open a DP account ?

  • Safe & Convenient It is a Safe and Convenient way of holding securities (equity and debt instruments both).
  • Lower Charges Transactions involving physical securities are costlier than those involving dematerialised securities (just like the transactions through a bank teller are costlier than ATM transactions). Therefore, charges applicable to an investor are lesser for each transaction.
  • Quick Transfer Securities can be transferred at an instruction immediately
  • Increased liquidity Securities can be sold at any time during the trading hours (between 9 AM to 3:30 PM on all working days), and payment can be received in a very short period of time.
  • Elimination of Risks Risks like forgery, thefts, bad delivery, delays in transfer etc, associated with physical certificates, are eliminated
  • Convenience Any change in address or bank account details can be electronically intimated to all companies in which investor holds any securities, without having to inform each of them separately
  • Auto Credit Shares arising out of bonus, split, consolidation, merger etc. are automatically credited into the demat account of the investor. Shares allotted in public issues are directly credited into demat account of the applicants in quick time.

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